Many organizations offer hosted editions. We all use and trust Enterprise Editions, software hosted on customer's (your) server. For most organizations, Enterprise Edition is the easiest, most secure and most cost effective method to train.
Pre-purchase evaluation
All our products are try-before-you-buy based, so we always give our customers all the chances of going through the software before a purchase. PG eLMS Pro can be evaluated online in administration, teaching and learning Demo modes. We provide learning management system FREE Trials which can be installed and tested either on your PC or server.
Easy to use and maintain
eLMS Pro is a turnkey web site solution. Software requires installation. Installation on your server is performed either by you or by Pilot Group Support team. Installation and technical support are FREE for all and we are available to help.
Script flexibility
eLMS Pro software is fully customizable. Open Source package is 100% open for code and database changes.
Being hosted on your server eLMS Pro software is secure. Data saved at your server are protected by means of operative system and your server database system.
Cost Effective
If cost is an issue (it is with nearly everyone), be sure to review all the costs associated with each solution. Many solutions may appear inexpensive at first glance but the reality is often different. Software hosting services, Installation and Support fees, fees for consulting. We provide excellent support, free installation and consulting. Best of all, you get everything for one low price.

We provide FREE support, FREE installation and consulting. Best of all, you get everything for one low price!