eTraining software technologies have made it possible for educators, administrators, and Learning Service Providers to create, launch, and evaluate learning over the Internet using nothing other than a standard browser.

No programming skills are required to fill an eTraining based site with existing courses

When choosing a learning management system you’ll definitely need:

- Wide range of Features offer quality online courses, create and sustain successful e-learning community
- Ability to update and build up your site with new features along side with educational advancement.
- Free pre-sales and technical support
- Free installation service
- Hosting services
- Customization service
- Design integration service

All this is combined in PG eTraining software.


- Course administration
- Test administration
- Students area
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"We were looking to build an online school for natural therapy to extend the service we offer to the public. We came across Pilot Group, after internet search, which offered the program and service we were looking for. We found Pilot to be very helpful and professional, and within short period of time we have got the school ready to expect students.
Thank you
Mistiyan team"
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Turnkey eTraining Solution

eTraining is an affordable and easy-to-use learning management system that uses the Internet to give students remote access to knowledge, immediate assessment of their understanding, certification of achievement and peer guidance as required. Students can register and learn at their own convenience, use e-training site to supplement instructor-led classes.

Turnkey eTraining Solution